TO FIFNISJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Spine vodka

Vodka with a translucent amber coloured Spine and rib cage inside a clear glass bottle. Designed by Johannes Schulz a 29 year old German designer based in hamburg. The idea behind the spin and rib cage is that vodka has ‘backbone’. Th

Go into Kendal, calling into different shops to gather examples of creative and imaginative packaging (5-15 examples) Upload all images to your blog and select 3 to annotate in more detail –

  • What is the product? .
  • What material has been used to package it? .
  • What is creative and imaginative about the design?
  • What makes this packaging stand out?
  • How much was this item compared to a similar product?
  • Does the packaging visually represent the product in any way?
  • Is there anything about this design that you would consider adapting for your designs?

2. Using the internet to find examples of creative packaging using sites like

Select 2 examples of imaginative and creative packaging design and analyse using the questions above.

3.Using your research as inspiration, start to sketch rough ideas and thoughts in your sketchbook for your item of packaging. Work quickly, use pencil, ink, pen or watercolour to get your ideas down. Any first thoughts or ideas at this stage make an excellent starting point.



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